Hello there…

Hey there  – I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now, and after seeing many of my friends jump on this bandwagon I’ve decided it’s about damned time to give it a go. I’m not yet sure what I plan to contribute to this, but I expect it’ll take on several forms: a way to keep distant family members up to date about my (and my immediate family’s) life, a venue to rant about everything from politics to everyday annoyances, and, especially, a means to get my writing going. I do hope you come along, and please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Hello there…

  1. Looks great. I look forward to reading about your daily life: I’m so far removed physically, it seems very mysterious to me. This will be a cool way to tap in to what you’re doing & thinking. Could turn out to be some wacky stuff!! HA!
    Hugs to the three of you, Love, Theresa xo

  2. I have your page saved so I can check back and follow your (almost) every move. Is Theresa Z. another of my long-lost cousins? Have a great trip!

  3. Oh yes, that’s my older sister Theresa Zajaczkowski – nee Miller – now living in North (or South – I always forget) Carolina with her awesome husband and three kids. I’ve tried to get her into this Facebook thing, but she seems to be resisting.

    Thanks for reading the blog! I have to say, I was very impressed with yours – very inspiring!



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